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ART JOG 2018


ARTJOG has been taking the journey and running the process with artists and the public for over eleventh year, who constantly believe that art has become essential in changing the perspective about the reality of our life. The enlightenment theme, which has been chosen for this year, is a projection about philosophy, art and cultural practice, as well as knowledge, elaborated as a unity and presented in the big event of ARTJOG. Enlightenment is more than just a definition and something that can happen time after time, because enlightenment actually is any effort or attempt to cast out the darkness, to bring anyone, who gets trapped in the darkness, into the light.

For the home of ARTJOG, it is located in Jogja National Museum, which is not on Jogja’s main arteries where you can escape for a while from the hustle bustle that Malioboro take you in.

The ticket costs you about IDR 50,000 which is exceedingly worth it to gazing and admiring at those artsy and meaningful arts collections. For any kind of art enthusiast, ARTJOG 2018 is a perfect place to have a visit from you. There are many paintings, sculptures, cinematic motion, and live performance that you can find there.

ARTJOG is always been an anticipated event in Yogyakarta, and participated by 54 artists, domestic and abroad. There will be 83 performers with various presentations like music, performing arts, theatre, and dance for every single day during ARTJOG.



Jogja National Museum (JNM)

Jalan Prof. Ki Amri Yahya No. 1, Yogyakarta




4 May – 4 June 2018

Open daily from 10 AM – 10 PM


When the fasting month of  Ramadhan comes, it is to  hunt for fast breaking snack which is often referred to takjil. Many snacks are sold for  breaking the fast menu.

Yogyakarta, also known endearingly as “Jogja” to the local people. People regard this city as the city filled with adventure, incredible eats and stunning sights! When thinking about a location for a break fasting in Jogja, what do we look for? A place which abodes of peace, harmony, and it doesn’t burn a huge hole in our pocket.

Then, it is a really perfect time to enjoy free packed meals in a destination of takjil hunting to the mosques around Yogyakarta. The mosque in Yogyakarta can be a place to enjoy a nice takjil. The menu offered varies every day, from fresh soups to  savory barbeque. So, do not bother anymore to break the fast where and what to eat when in Yogyakarta, mostly mosques here give takjil super delicious!

So, if you’re wondering where to go, here’s our take on the best that Yogyakarta’s mosques have to offer

1. Masjid Jogokariyan

Located in Jogokaryan, Mantrijeron, Yogyakarta is a mosque that often hold various activities in Ramadan such as talk shows, seminars and discussions. For the pilgrims who come to this mosque, all will be served a delicious meal. Every day they give different menu, such as soto, gudeg, chicken soup, to rawon that you can enjoy in the spot, the portion they provided is up to 1700 servings.

2. Masjid Gedhe Kauman

If you happen to spend your time in the city center,  Gedhe Kauman Mosque is the closest mosque and you can go for congregational prayer, while breaking the fast also. Known as the oldest mosque in Yogyakarta, the Gedhe Kauman Mosque was built during the time of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I, which also became one of the symbols of the Islamic Kingdom of Mataram. And a happy news to share, the portion of the breaking menu that is served in this mosque is great! On certain days, you can also enjoy the delicious goat curry here. Yes! Mosque Gedhe Kauman presents a mainstay menu of goat curry on Thursday, so do not miss to hunt for delicious goat curry here.

3. Gajah Mada University Mosque

The Gadjah Mada University mosque located in UGM complex is well-known for its free and delicious takjil. The mosque estimates about 1000 portions for its pilgrims, so you do not have to worry about running out of fasting meals here.

In the last days of Ramadan, the portion provided is reduced, it is because many university students have returned back to their hometown before Idul Fitri holiday. So for those who stay in Jogja, you can still enjoy delicious fasting meal here, because UGM mosque still estimates many takjil portions to break the fast from 500-750 portions.

4. Masjid Agung Syuhada

Located on Jl. Dewa Nyoman Oka No.13, Kotabaru. Not only do they often present famous speakers, but also a delicious breaking menu of fasts! After breaking fast and a little chit chat, you can directly follow tarawih prayer.

5. Masjid At Taqwa

If you are in the Sleman area, there is no harm in breaking your fasting at  At-Taqwa Minomartani Mosque. Located in Ngaglik, Sleman District, this mosque often brings famous speakers. Not only that, At-Taqwa Mosque is also often providing an iftar menu with the concept of the buffet! This is the place for you who want to learn to break the fast with satisfaction and delicious. Tips! For the last 10 days, this mosque also provides Sahur